Dr. Syed Jafri

Informative and entertaining.  Dr. Jafri is a practicing gastroenterologist in the Houston area, with a special talent for making people smile.  You will enjoy listening to his show on Saturday Mornings at 10 a.m.

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Dr. Hasan Gokal

Dr. Gokal is a practicing Emergency Physician who works at Houston Methodist Hospital.  Dr. Gokal was previously the medical director of Memorial Hermann Emergency Department in Katy, and St. Joseph's Hospital, in Syracuse, NY.

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HUM FM Radio in Houston

Hum Fm Radio caters to the entire family and to all tastes with its mixture of classic and new hits, celebrities interview, South Asian lifestyle, traffic, weather and financial updates.

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Community Specific Info

Code Blue Radio brings you information that is community specific and timely.  Issues affecting the South Asian community are discussed, along with resources for the listeners.

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